One wrong second

17 year old Mounir Zehde (first to the left) detained at CP56

Life changes within one second. Wrong age. Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong soldier. Wrong check point. Wrong occupation. A 17 year old boy by the name of  Mounir was arrested walking home this evening at around 8pm.

On his way home he was detained by soldiers in front of checkpoint 56 which leads to Shuhada Street and the neigborhood in H2 where he lives.  Along with him were two other boys detained (a 13 year old and a 25 year old young man). We arrived about 45 min. after they had been detained. One of the boys, the 13 year old was crying.

While the soldiers were keeping the boys detained at the check point, a car drove by. Out of the car stepped a man with two big pizza boxes. The pizza delivery from one of the settlements near by. The soldiers had orderd pizza. Somewhat embarressed the soldiers asked the pizza delivery to come back later. The horrifying absurdity of occupation in Palestine: Pizza delivery to soldiers during a detention of children and youth, in a place where Palestinians are not even allowed to drive a car.
A quite big crowd of palestinian activists, Palestinians  living in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida and Shuhada street, EAs and ISM had gathered in front of the check point taking pictures. We contacted TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron) and ICRC (International Red Cresent) for assistence.
The mother of the young boy had been standing on the other side of the check point. The soldiers had not let her through to her son. The soldiers then released the 13 year old to his mother shortly after they let the 25 year old exit the gate to go into H1 where he was living. The two of them had been detained for about 1 hour.
Shortly after a military jeep came and suddenly they took Mounir away in the vehicle. The military jeep was sorrounded by the crowd filming Mounir being taken away. Mounir was taken  to a police station in the settlement Givat Haavot in Hebron (ICRC had his whereabouts confirmed by the DCL and the EAs where informed). Mounir is now officially being investigated for allegedly throwing stones at check point 56. When Mounir gets a lawyer he will have to proove his innocence, which is very difficult. If his lawyer fails to do so, Mounir will most likely be sentenced to 3-6 months imprisonment in an israeli prison.
 Life in Palestine under occupation seem to be able to change within one minut – from being a young man on his way home to risking a jail sentence, that can change a young mans life in unimaginable ways!

UPDATE: Mouniar Zehde was released the same night and could go home to his family. The exact reasons for his release are unknown.


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